Oneness Yoga Festival DC

Oneness is the quality of forming a whole from separate parts. The Oneness Festival is Washington DC’s first yoga, music and wellness festival for yogis and yoginis, lovers of conscious raising music and dance, lovers of healthy food, health and wellness enthusiasts and anyone who wants to explore the beauty of what it means to live from a place of Oneness…mind, body and soul.

2015 Oneness Festival Highlights

In the fall of 2013, the Oneness Festival was an idea that came about after observing that many of the yoga festivals held across the country had a price point that excluded many from participating. Additionally, there seemed to be a general lack of diversity. I wanted to create an experience that was accessible, reflected the beauty and diversity of the yoga community, and embraced/promoted the message of oneness: individual oneness as reflected by the integration of mind, body, and spirit; and collective/universal oneness—the knowing that we’re all connected by a larger energy source that flows through us all. The Oneness Festival is the physical manifestation of that knowing. I am GRATEFUL!

Vernita ParkerOneness Festival Creator